Southsea street food restaurant opens its doors

TASTY food and a full house mark the successful opening of a new restaurant.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 6th January 2017, 9:02 pm
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 1:11 pm
Owners of Two Doors Down (l-r) Piotr Mientkiewicz, Martin Barker, Andrew Seden and James Baldry
Owners of Two Doors Down (l-r) Piotr Mientkiewicz, Martin Barker, Andrew Seden and James Baldry

Two Doors Down officially opened tonight in Southsea with customers booked in all evening to try their street food menu.

Owned by the same group that runs 6oz Burgers, the new restaurant - which is two doors down from the burger business on Osborne Road - offers street food from a range of cuisines including North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Co-owner James Baldry said it was exciting to see the place open after the lease was signed six months ago.

‘It is great to finally be open for business,’ he said.

‘We needed to do quite a lot of work on the premises and we wanted to spend time working on the menu and the food so it has taken a while.

‘But we are fully booked tonight and we are going to be really busy this weekend too which is good.’

Food on the menu includes chicken wings, Argentinian-inspired chimichurri, naan pizza and crispy seared tuna.

James added: ‘When you go to parts of London there are whole streets full of street food vendors selling different cuisines.

‘We couldn’t decide on one cuisine we were really passionate about so decided to do the street food from a range of cuisines. It is something different and although some of the items have been given a English twist, a lot of them have been kept how they should be.’

Despite being owned by the same group of friends, Two Doors Down is a separate business from 6oz Burgers following a dispute the owners had with Portsmouth City Council over their pink burgers. 6oz Burgers was taken to court in 2015 over safety concerns by the council over the cooking of the burgers and James said they are still paying off the court fees.

‘There was a point when we were struggling but it is great to see the new restaurant open,’ he said.

‘We have a lot of loyal customers.’