Eight more entrepreneurs in residence join University of Portsmouth scheme to offer business start-up advice

The latest Business Talk column from the University of Portsmouth looks at how the university’s Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiR) programme has recruited an additional eight entrepreneurs to join the existing 14 EiRs offering business start-up advice to students, alumni or staff to launch or grow their business.

Mitch and Shirin Lee of Mitch's Kitchen have become Entrepreneurs in Residence at the University of Portsmouth
Mitch and Shirin Lee of Mitch's Kitchen have become Entrepreneurs in Residence at the University of Portsmouth

The eight new entrepreneurs are:

Shirin Lee, co-founder - Mitch’s Kitchen

Mitch Lee, co-founder and director - Mitch’s Kitchen

Sarah Goodall, founder - Tribal Impact

SJ Hunt, chief executive office - Parity Trust

Ming Wu, co-founder - The Maker’s Guild

Faz Forhad Ahmed, partner - The Akash Restaurant

Anne Stevens, HR consultant, executive coach and business adviser

David Thomson, CEO & founder - Suada

Mitch Lee said: ‘The early days of being an entrepreneur are truly some of the most exciting - and the most scary. I’m honoured to be on board and can’t wait to see the students’ passion for business and hear all about their ideas.‘Through sharing our success - and more importantly our mistakes over the years - I hope to help positively impact the next generation of businesses coming to market.’

The EiR scheme helps students and staff to develop business ideas, deal with challenges and learn about the impact of change and the skills needed to succeed in today’s business world.

The EiRs engage in activities including mentoring student businesses, guest speaking and aiding academics in their research.

EiRs can mentor and advise groups of students, particularly those in the early stages of starting their business.

EiRs can also assist students in developing their proposed business ideas, identifying markets, and even obtaining funding.

Working with staff and alumni who are seeking to commercialise their research, the EiRs can help access new ideas and grow their business networks.

They can give inspirational talks to students, help with curriculum development and support the university’s focus on entrepreneurship.

Jaimes Harrington, who manages the EiR programme, said: ‘I am really excited that we have our newly-appointed entrepreneurs to join the EiR family.

‘Each entrepreneur offers their unique expertise, a willingness to share their experience and all have a passion for working with the university.’

The university has 14 existing EiRs:

Alan Barrell - Professor at Judge Business School (University of Cambridge)

Albert Choi, director - Albert Choi Associates Ltd

Graeme Quar, Head of Commercial Law - Biscoes Solicitors

Heather Barrie, founder and director - Harrie’s Coffee

Jinx Prowse, chief executive officer - Music Fusion

Kevin Briscoe, director - Briscoe PR

Leonora Asomanin, creative director - Là Mo Designs

Lynda Harding, founder - Sweet Dreamers

Mark Smith, executive chairman and founder - The Car Finance Company

Nathan Cable, co-founder and head of sales and marketing - Party Hard Travel

Nick Austin, chairman and co-founder - Vivid Toy Group

Phil Carr, CEO - My PT Hub (Fitii Ltd)

Rachel Lowe, owner - Rachel Lowe Limited

Sandra Sassow, co-founder - SEAB Energy and SEAB Power

Find out more about how our EiRs can help you by contacting Jaimes Harrington at [email protected]

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