Gosport primary school encourages pupils how to tell the time on analogue clocks

IN an age of tablets, laptop's and smartphones, it is easy got forget the simple lessons in life.

Thursday, 27th October 2016, 3:24 pm
Updated Thursday, 27th October 2016, 5:31 pm

However, Bedenham Primary School, in Gosport, have made it their priority for every Key Stage 2 pupil to be able to tell the time on an analogue clock.

To do so they’ve been able to provide students a watch and will encourage them to turn to their wrist instead of checking a screen when they want to look at the time.

Caroline Wood, headteacher of Bedenham, said: ‘I was having a think about how I could support the children in learning the time and I knew that we could encourage them to wear a watch,

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‘What we want is for all children to know how to tell the time on an analogue clock, which has been a problem for us at the school.

‘Every child will put a watch on when they come to school and wear it for the duration that they are here.

‘We will be asking children to look at their watches throughout the school day.

‘We want children to be looking at them in the corridor and will be asking them questions such as the time and how long it is until break and lunch times.

‘They will become embedded in everything that the students do on a day-to-day basis.’

Agile ICT have kindly provided the timepieces.

It proved a challenge for Cathryn William and Lisa Lewis, who wanted the watches in the businesses colour of orange and needed all 12 number on them.

However, they finally got their desired products and shelled out £500 for almost 200 watches.

Cathryn, a senior manager at Agile, said: ‘Our position is that we always want to give children the best opportunity to learn and to provide them with everything that they need.

‘We wanted to get them as soon as possible for the new term. It was a challenge to get them as we did not want to order them from China and be waiting until next year!’

The watches went down a storm with the pupils and are looking forward to wearing them.

Angel Wood, 8, said: ‘I like them. They are cool and I like the style of them,

Blake Perryman, 10, added: ‘At least I will know when it is home time now!’