How the University of Portsmouth is helping to provide tomorrow’s police officers with a new route into the profession

Police forces across the UK are on a mission to learn new skills. Crime is changing, communities are changing and approaches to policing must change too.

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Wednesday, 24th April 2019, 4:44 pm
The University of Portsmouth is providing tomorrow's police officers with a new route into the profession

‘By 2025 policing will be a profession with a more representative workforce that will align the right skills, powers and experience to meet challenging requirements.’

So says the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and National Police Chiefs Council’s Policing Vision 2025. The University of Portsmouth will play a key role in bringing that vision to life.

To help police meet the evolving expectations of the public, we have joined forces with Middlesex, Canterbury Christ Church and Cumbria universities. As a consortium, we won a bid to partner with Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey Police.

Together, we will provide tomorrow’s police officers with a new route into the profession - the Police Constable degree apprenticeship.

Working in close partnership with Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex to develop the course, Portsmouth and the other university partners will make sure on and off-the job learning is joined-up.

Police leaders recognise that officers need new practical skills for our constantly-changing world. Crucially, all police staff will also need to embrace lifelong learning throughout their careers. The degree apprenticeship will equip a new generation for new ways of working.

Greater use of modern learning methods, such as those used in the degree apprenticeship, will help police staff take greater personal responsibility for their own development throughout their careers. This will help them keep up with the changing landscape of crime.

Commenting on the new apprenticeship course, Dr Paul Norman, Head of the University’s Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, said: ‘We are extremely privileged to work with partner universities and police forces to develop a unique and high quality apprenticeship offer to realise the transformational potential of the reforms to policing education.’

The Police Constable degree apprenticeship should launch later this year. It will complement a varied and growing portfolio of degree apprenticeships, fit for 21st century professionals, which the University of Portsmouth delivers in full.


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