Pregnant women needed for research at University of Portsmouth

A SCIENTIST at the University of Portsmouth is looking to find more active pregnant women to test the ability of specialised clothing to reduce the '˜bounce of the bump'.Â

The fitness clothing tests are open to women who are 18 to 26 weeks pregnant and are active for 150 minutes each week.

Lead researcher, Sophie Rej, said: '˜We are testing whether and by how much the clothing supports the bump and how it feels.'

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The testing will take around two hours and will include light jogging on a treadmill, walking and balance tests.

Having previously improved the design of sports bras the research team are looking to do the same for pregnancy wear.

Science can help a great deal in the design of clothing to ensure it is fit for purpose and we hugely value the help of participants,' explained Ms Rej. In addition to supporting scientific research volunteers will also receive a £50 voucher.