Schools donate protective equipment to NHS staff fighting coronavirus at Gosport War Memorial Hospital

TWO Gosport schools have donated protective equipment to support NHS staff working on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Doctors and nurses across the country have raised concerns about the speed at which personal protective equipment (PPE) such as a fluid repellent, face masks, aprons and gloves are being sent to hospitals.

Public Health England also recommends the wearing of ‘eye protection if there is a risk of splashing’.

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Bay House and Brune Park schools have donated 200 pairs of goggles to help protect NHS staff in their fight against coronavirus.

Bay House and Brune Park schools have donated 200 pairs of safety goggles used by pupils during science lessons. The protective eyewear has been sent to Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

The schools, part of the Gosport and Fareham Multi-Academy Trust (GFM), decided to donate the goggles following a plea from a nurse at the hospital whose son attends one of the trust’s schools.

Bay House School headteacher Dr Nigel Matthias said: ‘We recognise the shortage of PPE is a real issue and are doing everything we can to support our colleagues in the NHS by sharing any equipment we have and providing childcare for the children of key workers.’

The equipment will be used by staff across the hospital, including porters, nurses, housekeeping, as well as community teams doing home visits.Hospital staff were said to be ‘overwhelmed’ with the generous gesture.

Speaking recently on the supply of PPE, health secretary, Matt Hancock, said: ‘In the face of this unprecedented global emergency, never has the need to bolster our workforce and arm them with the vital tools they need to save lives been more crucial.’

Dr Matthias has also reiterated to pupils the importance of following government advice while not in school.

‘We would urge all our pupils to stay at home as much as possible and remember that you can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms,’ he said.