St Tabitha’s to the rescue at Portsmouth High School

CONGRATULATIONS to Year 6 at Portsmouth High Prep School for an incredible performance over two nights of ‘St Tabitha’s to the Rescue’, a play written and directed by their English teacher Dr David Barrett.

Friday, 10th May 2019, 3:03 pm
Gia Patel and Grace Houselander

When the girls of St Tabitha’s School set off on an Upper Third hockey tour of France, it turned out to be even more of an adventure than they ever imagined. After overhearing two crooks planning an ambitious robbery, the girls decided to take the law into their own hands but unfortunately things did not go quite according to plan…

Hattie Hutchins, Erin Bond-McKeown, Emma Smithin, Phoebe Marston, Hannah Tompkins, Nika Safar-Manesh, Sophia Alani and Eleanor Paget-Tomlinson
Isabelle Gabriel, Grace Houselander, Georgia Birchall and Gia Patel

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Sophia Alani
Millie Watkinson, Sophia Alani, Nika Safar-Manesh, Nicole Parker, Elizabeth Candy and Eleanor Paget-Tomlinson
Hattie Hutchins, Erin Bond-McKeown, Matilda Tate and Mollie Roberts
Erin Liu
Hannah Tompkins, Daisy Robbins, Isabelle Reimann, Jasmine Green, Nicole Parker and Elizabeth Candy
Millie Watkinson
Emma Smithin, Millie Watkinson, Elizabeth Candy and Gia Patel
Nika Safar-Manesh, Eleanor Paget-Tomlinson, Jasmine Green, Elizabeth Candy, Matilda Tate and Hattie Hutchins
Millie Watkinson, Gia Patel and Emma Smithin