You are what you eat

ACCORDING to recent research, the national childhood obesity rate is 18.5 per cent and the older children get the more chance there is of them being overweight.

Research has revealed 18.5 per cent of children are obese.
Research has revealed 18.5 per cent of children are obese.

We all know a balanced diet consists of vegetables, fruit, carbohydrates, dairy and proteins. There are obviously things that should not be in our diet too much -all things sweet and fat - because they could cause issues in our future health. My question is, are schools doing enough to get children liking vegetables and cutting down on sugary drinks?

Portsmouth Grammar School have stopped selling fizzy drinks and replaced it with water. The canteen also now promotes a greater range of salads and even cakes with hidden vegetables. This is a trend across the country, too.

Deputy Head of St Jude’s Primary School proudly stated “our range of dinners are very healthy”.

Personally, I think that is a good thing because we need to be healthy and if we want to live a long and happy life.

Melissa Hamilton, a pupil at Portsmouth Grammar School, said: ‘I really love having school dinners and enjoy the selections picked by the dinner ladies. I also enjoy the time I have with my friends in the dining hall.’

So, are schools doing enough? I think they are. Though the occasional school lunch can look a little grotesque they are far more healthy than ever before. Pupils today have far more healthy options on the menu and very little junk food.

Eating school dinners is now more likely to improve our health than ever before.

By Lily Eldrid