Coronavirus: BBC Radio Solent caller, 75, sparks online outrage after flouting Covid-19 measures

A WOMAN who called into BBC Radio Solent has sparked outrage online after admitting to openly flouting social distancing measures.

Wednesday, 25th March 2020, 12:29 pm

The 75-year-old caller, who is called Chris, rang into the mid-morning show hosted by Pat Sissons on Monday.

She spoke about how she had visited her 78-year-old friend and went out despite her husband having recently had a stroke.

The exchange begins with Chris remarking: ‘You’re a strapping great young man, why are you so worried about this virus? I can’t believe it.’

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Hundreds of beachgoers were seen to ignore the government's social distancing advice at Southsea beach on Sunday. Picture: Habibur Rahman

It prompted Pat to reply: ‘Because if I get it I will pass it on to other people.’

However this response didn’t seem to convince Chris, who then said: ‘Well, that’s too bad isn’t it.

‘I don’t care whether we have a lockdown or not, I hope we don’t, because regardless of that if you are going to get it, you’ll get it anyway.’

Pat responded: ‘That’s absolute nonsense, Chris.’

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However this did not deter the caller, as she continued: ‘People have been cooped up indoors all winter and we’ve had the most glorious weekend weather for ages.’

Chris then goes on to explain what she did over the weekend, seemingly ignoring the government’s social distancing advice issued to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

She said: ‘I want shopping on Saturday to Asda and I went to Stokes Bay and had a walk along the front and sat on the beach for a while because it was so beautiful.

‘Unfortunately my husband couldn’t come with me because he’s recovering from a stroke. Yesterday (Sunday) we went to the cemeteries in Fair Oak and Eastleigh to put flowers on our mothers’ graves and we called in to see a friend.’

It led Pat to respond incredulously: ‘You called in to see a friend? How old is your friend?’

Chris told the radio host her friend was 78, which led him to label her ‘irresponsible’ before adding: ‘This is the government advice you are flouting’.

She replied: ‘The government are stupid. Boris Johnson is an idiot, so I won’t even go down there.’

Pat continued: ‘I sincerely hope you are wrong but if you went round all those places, in the shops where we know people are not staying apart and then you went to see your 78-year-old friend you are irresponsible.’

However Chris replied: ‘You are a frightened man and I cannot understand why. If we get it, we don’t actually care, we’ve had our lives so stop it.’

This prompted Pat to angrily question: ‘So you are happy to die for a day at the beach? Bye Chris.

‘Sorry I can’t deal with anymore of that.’

The exchange prompted outrage on social media.

One person tweeted: ‘You may have had your life, I am not finished with mine.’

Another wrote: ‘People who say it's the youth that are ignoring the government advice, please listen to this. A very stupid 75 year old woman who doesn't care if she dies because she gets a day out at the beach. Bye Chris.’

One tweeted: ‘It’s people like bye Chris who worry me she may believe she’s had her life but I’m 29 with an autoimmune disease if I get this I could die! I haven’t had my life and there are a lot of people like me.’

Another added: ‘"Bad news kids, your dad is dead. But I had a lovely day at the beach!" Someone collect their mum, this woman is dangerous, reckless, and a moron.’