Portsmouth family backs charity's rainbow baking challenge

A FAMILY are fronting a national campaign which encourages people to bake colourful sweet treats to raise money.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 7:07 am
Katie Phillips from Drayton with her son Charlie Picture Ian Hargreaves (151958-5)

The Phillips family, from Drayton in Portsmouth, are supporting the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity Great Rainbow Bake next month.

Katie Phillips and her three sons, nine-year old Jacob and three-year old twins Charlie and Louis, are appealing to people across the area to take on the baking challenge on Monday, May 7.

They decided to support the cause to say thanks to the charity which has given them lots of support after Charlie was born with an undiagnosed genetic condition.

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The Phillips family

They have been helped by family support workers Dawn and Amanda since Charlie was nine-months-old.

Katie said: ‘I would encourage people to take part in the Great Rainbow Bake and help families like ours because the Rainbow Trust has been like a lifeline.

‘Just having someone else to turn to, talk to and to help with all the little things makes a huge difference to my family.’

Little Charlie, who is partly tube-fed and cannot speak, has undergone various invasive tests since he was born.

The Phillips family

He is part of the 100,000 genomes project at Southampton General Hospital, which means doctors are continually analysing his DNA to try and find out more about his condition.

The three-year-old is on oxygen at night and has difficulties co-ordinating and controlling his movements.

Yet, despite all this, he is managing to hold up his head and recently started walking slowly.

Katie added: ‘He has exceeded everybody’s expectations and gone from strength to strength.

‘He has the most infectious smile.’

Family support workers Dawn and Amanda were a great help to the Phillips family after Katie returned home after a five-month stint in hospital with Charlie.

They helped at bath and meal times and by taking them to hospital appointments.

They also helped older brother Jacob come to terms with Charlie’s illness, helping him feel less isolated by taking him out on day trips with other children.

Katie said: ‘It is so important to raise awareness of Rainbow Trust because I wouldn’t have wanted to be without them.

‘Having Dawn and Amanda made life a lot easier and made me a lot less anxious.’

For more information about the Great Rainbow Bake visit rainbowtrust.org.uk/great-rainbow-bake.