Queen Alexandra Hospital Pride of Portsmouth awards: Recognition given for helping eight-year-old with cancer

A DEDICATED play specialist at Queen Alexandra Hospital has received recognition for supporting a young girl in ‘turmoil’ over her cancer treatment.

By Fiona Callingham
Tuesday, 28th December 2021, 4:55 am

‘Second mother’ Tracy Morgan was shortlisted for a News’ Patients’ Choice Award at this year’s virtual Pride of Portsmouth Awards.

Sandie Dannatt from Portsmouth nominated Tracy for her work with her eight-year-old daughter Ayla, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of just three.

38-year-old Sandie said: ‘Ayla has been through right turmoil but Tracy has helped her. She used to have to be sedated for an MRI scan.

Tracy Morgan

‘Tracy has worked with her so she can now have them awake. She has really supported her through all her ups and downs. She couldn't do enough for her and the children she sees.

‘Even though we now we have treatment at Southampton she has such a bond so we go to see her every Thursday. Or if Ayla is not in the right frame of mind we will take her in to see her even when she's not booked in. she goes above and beyond.

‘Ayla has been struggling at the moment because of the chemotherapy in Southampton. Tracy made her a a diary so she can look at all the positive things she has to look forward to to outside of chemo.

‘Tracy comes across as Someone who always listens to parents. She knows what charities are available to us. She's like a second mother to Ayla. She doesn't judge anybody and supports us she has been amazing.

‘I can message Tracy at anytime and say are you in today and come can we come in and she always makes time for us.’

Ayla’s brain tumour is inoperable because it is behind her eyes, therefore chemotherapy is used to stop it from spreading.

However, it is thought as Ayla gets older the tumour will die off.

Sandie added: ‘Over a five year period she has been on chemotherapy for three-and-a-half. She is suffering with side effects of the chemotherapy more than anything. The chemo she is on at the moment takes her a while to recover from.’

Ayla and Sandie, also live with dad Andrew and sister Anya.