Patients have rated their GP surgeries in Gosport.

The best GP surgeries in Gosport in 2021, according to their patients

Patients have rated their GP surgeries in Gosport, but which ones are the best?

Tuesday, 24th August 2021, 4:55 am

Gosport residents have rated their doctors surgeries again this year in the 2021 GP patient survey. The survey asks patients to rate their overall experience of their surgeries, as well as many other factors.

In Gosport, Bury Road Surgery was rated the best overall, with 80 per cent ranking it as good.

Practice manager Lynn Hart said: ‘Dr Carl Anandan and all of our staff are thrilled that so many patients think so highly of our services.

‘We thank our patients for their support, especially in these very challenging times.’

But patients of the Willow Group voted it the worst overall in Gosport, with 66 per cent saying it was good and 17 per cent saying it was poor. Although 97 per cent said they have confidence and trust in the healthcare professional they saw there.

Dr Robin Harlow, a Willow Group GP partner said: ‘We are always working to enhance the service we provide to our patients. We know the areas we need to improve but are also incredibly proud of the work we have already done, which is reflected in the scores relating to the care our patients receive.‘Confidence and trust in the healthcare professional improved 11 per cent from last year, the amount of patients who felt listened to improved 16 per cent and patients feeling fully involved in decisions around their own care improved 6 per cent. At a recent re-inspection by the CQC we retained our good rating, one of only a handful of practices to achieve this in Gosport.’

The GP Patient survey was published in July-with fieldwork taking place between January and March this year.

Here are the best GP surgeries in Gosport, according to their patients:

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