Seen in 1977 is HMS Ark Royal with a flight of Phantom, Buccaneer and Gannet aircraft on her flight deck.

18 best images of old vintage aircraft in Portsmouth

In this selection you will see Sea Fury, Sea Hawk and Spitfire aircraft as well as many other fantastic old vintage airplanes.

Thursday, 22nd April 2021, 5:14 pm

It features a Sea Fury crash landing on HMS Theseus, a 1977 image of Ark Royal with her Phantom, Buccaneer and Gannet aircraft, Scimitar on HMS Victorious.

There are also photos of Fairey Firefly night fighters flying over HMS Illustrious in the early 1950’s, Spitfire pilots just back from France in 1944, HMS Edinburgh’s decommissioning Sea Fury flypast in 2013.

And also a beautiful image of a Spitfire at the D-Day 75 event back in 2019.

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