The Vicar of St. Mary's Portchester, the Rev Michael Thomas, dedicates a new dinghy for the Sea Scouts on the slipway at Portchester Sailing Club in 1966.

25 memories of Portchester through the years

There are all sorts of interesting images from over the years in this gallery to enjoy.

Friday, 7th May 2021, 5:20 pm

In this selection you will see an extremely old shot of people at dressed up for the Portchester Gala as it was years ago, and another old image of Leigh and Co pipe-makers and an exterior of the workshop, the Vosper Thornycroft yard at Portchester, about 1972, Portchester Fire Brigade in the 1930s, a Portchester Secondary School class in 1948 and the Portchester Sea Scouts in 1966.

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