Christmas tree collection Portsmouth 2020: how to recycle your real tree - and date you should leave it out

Make sure to recycle your Xmas tree instead of chucking it away

Wednesday, 23rd December 2020, 2:07 pm
It’s easy to recycle your real Christmas tree in January (Shutterstock)

A few weeks after painstakingly putting up your Christmas tree and making sure your meticulous decorating is near-perfect comes the time when it needs to be taken back down again.

Dismantling the tree in January is always a sad moment as it symbolises the end of the fun festive period - and a return to work for most people.

Fortunately, there’s one good thing that can come from taking down a real Christmas tree, as you are able to easily recycle it so it doesn’t go to waste.

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They can be shredded into wood chippings which are then often used in parks and woodland areas, or turned into compost.

Arranging a collection is totally worth it, as disposing a real Christmas tree properly can reduce its carbon footprint by up to 80 percent.

You may have spent hours lovingly decorating your tree, but at some point it’s got to go - so here’s when you can get it picked up over the festive period.

How can I recycle my tree in Portsmouth?

In the UK, most local councils will collect Christmas trees as part of their regular rubbish collection, but different councils have different requirements for this.

Portsmouth City Council does offer this service as part of its garden waste collection.

Your real tree should be cut up and put in your garden waste bin, ready for collection after Christmas.

As garden waste collection is paused for two weeks over the festive period, the first collection in 2021 will be on Monday 4 January.

Check on Portsmouth City Council’s website for dates and times for collection after that.

If your tree is under six feet tall, it can be put out with your rubbish for two weeks after Christmas.

How else can I recycle my tree?

If you don’t want to wait for your Christmas tree to be collected, there is another way to recycle it.

Christmas trees in the city can also be taken to the Portsmouth household waste recycling centre, at Paulsgrove Portway, Port Solent, where they will then be composted.

You have to book an appointment to visit the centre - if not, you will be turned away.

What other Christmas items can be recycled?

Other Christmas items can be recycled too, so you can further reduce your carbon footprint.

That includes recyclable Christmas wrapping paper, cardboard boxes from packaging, Christmas cards with glitter or bows removed, and clean tin foil from Christmas food like turkey and mince pies.

These can all be recycled if you place them in the appropriate bin for collection.