12 of Portsmouth's best restaurants we have eaten at in the last year

2019 was a great year for food in Portsmouth with more restaurants opening up across the city.

Every week we send our Dish Detective to check out a place to eat in the city – and we have picked out 12 of our favourites from the last year to recommend to our readers.

How many of these have you been to?

Catalan Barcelona Tapas Bar, Marmion Road (July 2019)

Cedar restaurant in Gillingham

‘The meatballs were tender and the tomato sauce was a perfect dipping sauce for the breads once the meatballs had been devoured.

‘Breaded chicken and katsu curry sauce is probably not one of the more traditional Spanish tapas but tasted amazing all the same.’

Cosy Club, Gunwharf Quays (May 2019)

Burgerz n Brewz

‘Cosy Club’s interior might be complicated and quirky, but its all-English breakfast is the polar opposite. It does what it says on the tin – and well.

‘You’ll no doubt find a cheaper breakfast in Portsmouth, but what this may lack in heft it makes up for in no-nonsense execution – and I urge you to give it a crack on a sunny day too.’

Bubble and Pho, Albert Road (May 2019)

Bubble and Pho, Southsea.

‘The broth is piping hot and there is a generous helping of fried tofu as well as vegetables and rice noodles inside.

‘I am given fresh lemon and chillies to add if I want, which I do. The pho is very tasty with strong, clear flavours and really refreshing.’

Giuseppe’s, Kent Road (July 2019)

‘When the food arrives, I am surprised at how small the individual ravioli are and worry they may not be filling. But my worries are misplaced, the dish is delicious and incredibly filling – it perfectly hits the spot.

‘Each of the individual ravioli are rich and packed full of cheesy goodness, while the sauce drizzled on top is hearty. The cherry tomatoes add a freshness to it all.’

Cedar Lebanese Restaurant, Albert Road (August 2019)

‘A running theme here is that the portion sizes are unbelievably generous. On top of a huge pile of seasoned chips and salad is five lamb chops, juicy and tender.

‘It was the same size for the shish taouk and the chicken is perfectly cooked and seasoned.

‘The Cedar Restaurant offers such value for money. I’m still astounded my piled-up plate of delicious food cost less than £10.’

Kango’s Piri Piri and Gourmet Burgers, Edinburgh Road (July 2019)

‘Whoever cooks the wings grills them to perfection – they aren’t too dry and have a really good flavour.

‘What’s more, the piri-piri sauce is to die for; I ask for a medium sauce and it has a good spice to it, without being overpowering.

‘I feel like a kid in a sweet shop eating the wings – it is such a delight.’

Burgerz n Brewz, Osborne Road (September 2019)

‘The burger arrives quickly, which perhaps is not a surprise as it was a quiet evening at the restaurant.

'The sight of the stick through the middle of it, at first instils fear that it will not be structurally sound – which is a cardinal sin in my opinion.

‘But it does not fall to pieces as I bite into it. And the burger has a range of textures and flavours, from the meatiness of the patty to the crunch of the lettuce and smokiness of the double bacon, followed by the freshness of the tomato and the tang of the sauce.’

Jessie's Latin Lounge, Albert Road (November 2019)

‘I return the week after about the same time to try something a little more traditional and order the full English breakfast. I must say it is one of the best fry-ups I’ve had in a long time.

‘It’s cooked to perfection – not too greasy and a nice generous portion. The wait time was also more impressive this time around, at about 15 minutes. My companion opts for the Colombian breakfast and is offered the same mild ‘hot’ sauce and is, like me, a little disappointed, but still mops up the delicious meal.’

The Akash, Albert Road (March 2019)

‘Eating this is like giving your tongue a hug, a thank you note for putting up with all the sub-par food you’ve eaten before.

‘The chicken is tender while the peppers keep their crunch – and the tandoori paste just wraps it all together in a neat little bow, bursting with flavour after every bite.

‘The spice from this dish was fantastic, perfectly riding the thin line between intense heat and an explosion of flavour.’

Deep Blue, South Parade Pier (March 2019)

‘As we indulge, our plucky waiter returns and asks: ‘Is the food as bad as the service?’ Thankfully, it was just as good.

‘Dipped in tartare sauce and smattered with lemon juice, the scampi is tangy, hot and perfectly moist beneath its breadcrumb shell. And with nine or 10 pieces to boot I was not left wanting.

‘The chips are slightly greasy, like a chip shop’s, unsurprisingly, but were tasty. The mushy peas are mushy peas as they should be.’

Huis, Elm Grove (March 2019)

‘I would heartily recommend the beef carbonade and am looking forward to returning to try another meat dish.

‘The variations of moules et frites, such as the witbier which is a sauce made out of curry spices and Huis wheat beer, mean we will definitely be paying another visit.’

The Greenwich Brew Pub, Osborne Road (October 2019)

‘The chicken nuggets are chunky, crispy and moist – everything a great chicken nugget should be.

‘There is a good balance of cheese-to-chip ratio with the Brooklyn fries and a nice kick of garlic. Although we smash the sides, the main beast has beats us.

'But, no worries, for there is an aforementioned monster-sized takeaway box given to us so we can enjoy the remaining slices for lunch the following day.’