Albus Dumbledore turned up for Victoria and Christopher's wedding. Picture: Hayley Szczecinski/HS Photography

Harry Potter-themed wedding for Portsmouth couple at Square Tower Hogwarts

Harry Potter-mad Victoria was given a round of applause when soulmate Christopher popped the question by the Platform 9 and ¾ trolley during a visit to the Harry Potter studio five years ago.

Tuesday, 24th August 2021, 2:03 pm

It was while queuing for a photo opportunity that the idea arose after the couple mentioned to the event host they had got engaged the day before and he encouraged Christopher to do it again.

This year, on their first wedding anniversary, Victoria and Christopher Hutchinson could finally celebrate the big day they'd planned at The Square Tower in Old Portsmouth – after a year’s delay because of Covid restrictions.

Complete with an entire Hogwarts theme, on the official day of Harry Potter's birthday, July 31, the Portsmouth couple welcomed 70 guests to the ceremony and meal and an extra 20 for an evening of dancing.

Victoria (née Hart), who wed Christopher at a register office in 2020, says: 'We managed to have the big day we had planned for in front of all our family and friends.

'The wedding was a full Harry Potter theme from bridesmaids in Hogwarts’ house colours to my bouquet that was made from Harry Potter book pages – symbolising the paper of one year of marriage. The venue had the perfect aesthetic, and the owners were fully on board with all my lofty visions of how I wanted the wedding to look.'

Christopher, a land surveyor, and Victoria, a nursery nurse, met at Crown Bingo, Cosham, in 2005 when they both worked there. In 2013, the couple finally decided to give it a go after 36-year-old Victoria's first marriage ended and her son Blaine was born.

Christopher says: 'I'd waited so long for a chance to be with her. I'd loved Vicky since the moment I met her, and I fell in love with her children just as quickly.'

It was Christopher's magical first proposal that caused his partner to well up.

Christopher, 35, says: 'The security guard at the entrance wanted me to turn out my pockets for a search, but I was so worried about Vicky seeing the ring and the surprise being spoiled that I had to pull the guard aside and explain what was going on.’

Victoria adds: 'He had written my name on the side of the ring box and planted it on a shelf with character wands in The Wand room at the end of the tour, and then used a staff member's laser pointer to draw my attention to it. I cried when he proposed, as did the member of staff.'

For their honeymoon, the happy couple hope to fly to Universal Studios, Florida, as a family but are waiting until Covid restrictions allow.

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