Burgerz n Brewz, Southsea: RESTAURANT REVIEW

It is not the kind of day you would describe as burger weather. There is no glorious sunshine or blue skies tempting you to fire up the barbecue.

By Staff reporter
Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 10:43 am
Updated Saturday, 28th September 2019, 12:11 pm
Burgerz n Brewz, Southsea

It is bleak and stormy, a prelude to the forthcoming gloom of winter.

But I find myself visiting Burgerz n Brewz, on Osborne Road, the sister restaurant of Bangerz and Brewz, in Victoria Road South –which Dish Detective visited earlier this year.

Burgerz n Brewz is the embodiment of modernism. Graffiti designs splatter a wall, the seating options are benches or converted beer kegs, and even a sofa. Chart music plays in the background, but not so loud as to distract from conversations.

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The Heisenberg-er with rustic chips at Burgerz n Brewz, Southsea

The element of the restaurant that screams ‘modern’ most of all is the drinks menu.

Ten years ago you would probably have recognised all the names of the beers on the drinks menu.

But as the wave of craft beer popularity has swept across the country, the familiar has been replaced by the niche. The names and cans are getting funkier.

Offerings include the Hawaiian surf-inspired Kona Brewery, and Beavertown’s Gamma Ray, which features a 1950s sci-fi themed can – which will set you back close to £5.

And there is a range of cocktails and mocktails, to be enjoyed by non-drinkers, as well as soft drinks and coffees.

The restaurant is definitely of its age. This is not a criticism, if you wanted to put something in a time capsule that captured the zeitgeist of 2019, Burgerz and Brewz would be a perfect choice.

I cannot fault the service, it is great. The staff are attentive, they quickly usher me over to a table and explain how the menu works.

They take my order efficiently, with enough patter to make it feel personable but do not slip into that hollow America-style ‘personal service’.

The menu has something for everyone, which sounds clichéd but in this case is true.

It offers everything from your traditional beef and chicken burgers, to a range of vegan and vegetarian options. There are also fancier options with Mexican flavours, and even an egg on top of one.

I opt for the Breaking Bad inspired Heisenberg-er (£7.95) featuring double bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato, but minus any blue meth. Rustic fries (£2.95) accompany it.

The prices seem fair, along the lines you would pay at Nando’s and the like.

The burger arrives quickly, which perhaps is not a surprise as it was a quiet evening at the restaurant.

The sight of the stick through the middle of it, at first instils fear that it will not be structurally sound – which is a cardinal sin in my opinion.

But it does not fall to pieces as I bite into it. And the burger has a range of textures and flavours, from the meatiness of the patty to the crunch of the lettuce and smokiness of the double bacon, followed by the freshness of the tomato and the tang of the sauce.

The rustic fries – skin-on – are a delight. Each has a distinct crunch from the crisp outside but is fluffy on the inside. The way good chips are supposed to be.

I try mozzarella sticks (£3.95) which I am assured are ‘excellent’ by the affable waitress. And they are.

The mozzarella is gooey and oozing, the perfect contrast to the crunchy outer shell.

It is all perfectly complemented by the pot of sweet chilli sauce which came with the sticks. It has enough of a kick that you know it includes chilli, but not enough to overpower.

I leave Burgerz n Brewz with a full belly and a not overly-lightened wallet.

Burgerz n Brewz, Osborn Road, Southsea

Tel: (023) 9283 4553

Ratings (out of five):

Food: 5

Value: 4

Ambience: 4

Child-friendly: 4