Here’s what you should know about the Go Sober for October challenge - and how to take part

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As we enter October, it might be tempting to see the colder weather outside as an excuse to enjoy a pint or two by your local pub's fire.

Or you might take drizzly forecasts as an incentive to grab yourself a bottle of wine on the commute home for a cosy evening.

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But more and more people are using the month of October as a chance to put down the booze and test their mettle for a few weeks of sobriety, and it's all for charity.

Here's everything you need to know about Sober October.

What is Sober October?

Launched in 2013 by Macmillan Cancer Support, Sober October encourages people to go booze-free for the month to raise money for the charity.

Enthusiasm for the month-long campaign has grown year on year, with over 56,000 people already signed up for the 2020 event.

With some 99 per cent of Macmillan’s services funded by public donations, every penny makes a difference,

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"By going Sober this October, you’ll be raising vital funds for Macmillan," says the charity, "so we can continue providing much-needed physical, financial and emotional support to the millions of people living with cancer."

How do I take part?

Signing up to the campaign couldn't be easier. To do so, head to Macmillan's website.

There, you'll be able to complete a profile page, adding a profile picture and updating your story to tell everyone why you’re taking on the challenge.

From there, it's time to go dry. You can spread the word of your booze-free efforts by sharing the link to your Sober October fundraising page on your social media channels.

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It's not just about staying away from the booze though, and funds raised through any means will obviously be welcomed by the charity.

Their website lists a few alternative suggestions, like providing your newfound designated driver services to friends on a night out (for a charitable fee of course), or hosting a mocktail night.

How do I stay sober?

For some, not enjoying a cold beer or nice glass of red for the entire month might seem like a tall challenge, and temptation will no doubt be lurking round every corner.

Macmillan have made it easy to incentivise yourself not to crack open a cold one, and the campaign's website even lists national fundraising leaderboards which could appeal to a competitive edge.

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You can also take on the challenge with a group of friends as a team, who will no doubt become a support group of sorts if it looks like you're about to break from the pact.

It's also worth bearing in mind the positive effects of going sober for extended periods of time.

Abstaining from alcohol can bring about serious improvements to a person's well-being, and you'll quickly find you have a much clearer head than you did at the start of the month.

You may also experience better sleep, which in turn could lead to more energy throughout the day.

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That's not to mention the weight loss benefits. And of course, it's all for charity, so you can take pride in turning that G&T down.

For more information on Sober October, head to the official website