Southsea Greenhouse: April 16

Keep Milton Green is a voluntary group campaigning to preserve the area's green open spaces, including the St James's Hospital site. I'm a local resident and one of the group's organisers.

Saturday, 16th April 2016, 5:00 am

Milton is a perfect example of wildlife and established trees existing on the margins of busy city life.

This unique eco-system has developed over hundreds of years to the point where we can see an amazing variety of bird species some of which you wouldn’t believe could possibly survive next to one of Europe’s most densely populated urban sprawls.

It is this indiscriminate urban sprawl that needs to be stopped before more damage is done to the delicate balance between green and grey.

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Kevin Doyle

KMG is an organisation of like-minded people dedicated to ensuring we do not suffer the loss of any more of our recreational open spaces. Find out how you can help by following KMG on Facebook or Twitter.

Kevin Doyle