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Sunday, 9th February 2020, 11:00 am
It's still not too late to plant shallots.

Q: We bought a beautiful Christmas tree established in a pot. It is 6ft and we bought it because it has a root. We don’t like the thought of killing a lovely tree. The trouble is that it keeps falling over in the wind. I do not want to plant it in the garden as it will become too large. What would you recommend? J and PH, Southsea.

A: Find a pot the same size or a little larger than the one the tree is in and sink the pot into the soil and then put your Christmas tree (in its pot) into that pot. Keep it watered and give the tree a turn once a month so the roots will not become too large. If you do this you will be able to bring the tree indoors next December.

Q: My allotment is so wet I still have not been able to plant shallots. Is it too late to do it now? ND, Fareham.

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A: No, try to get them in before the middle of March. Most people plant them around about the shortest day, but any time in late winter is OK.

Q: My wife love pampas grass and I hate the thing. She wants it planted in another place. Horrid job. Is there an easy way? The grass is 3ft round. FL, Chichester.

A: You had better tell your wife you asked me for advice otherwise she may think you are trying to kill this beast. Give it a severe cutting back, leaving only about a foot of grass. Wear gloves and thick clothes. On a pleasant day use a digging fork and ease part of the clump out. You will find it too difficult to actually move the whole thing on your own, so divide it and plant a large piece in the new place.

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