Portsmouth Clean Air Zone: What is a Clean Air Zone, when does it start in Portsmouth, what vehicles will be charged and how much will it cost?

PORTSMOUTH is set to introduce a clean air zone this month.

By Charlotte Hawes
Thursday, 11th November 2021, 12:05 pm
Portsmouth's Clean Air Zone will combat air pollution in the city.

The city is densely populated and individual vehicles contribute to 50 per cent of air pollution.

Air pollution is the biggest environmental killer in the UK.

A clean air zone is the preferred method by the government to address air pollution in a number of UK cities – a new low emission zone was introduced in London on October 25.

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Here is everything you need to know about Portsmouth's new clean air zone:

What is a Clean Air Zone?

A clean air zone is the government's preferred approach when it comes to combatting air pollution.

In one of these zones, vehicles will be charged for driving within certain areas.

This is set to be introduced in sections of Portsmouth this year.

The oldest and most polluting vehicles will be charged.

There are two categories of clean air zones which are charging and non-charging.

The government has required Portsmouth to implement a charging clean air zone.

Why does Portsmouth need a Clean Air Zone?

Portsmouth City Council was identified by the government as one of over 60 authorities that had excessively high air pollution levels.

Due to this, improvements need to be made in the city and this includes a charging clean air zone.

Will I need to pay a charge for driving in a Clean Air Zone?

It depends what kind of vehicle you drive.

Only vehicles such as taxis, buses, coaches, private hires and heavy duty vehicles that are older than Euro six if diesel, and Euro four if petrol, will be charged.

Those who drive newer, cleaner vehicles, personal cars and vans will not be charged.

There are also specific vehicle exemptions which you can find here.

You can check on the gov.uk website if you are not sure whether your vehicle will be charged.

There are currently no plans to charge private cars or vans.

How much will the charge be?

The charge will be £10 a day for those who drive non-compliant taxis and private hire vehicles.

If you have a heavy goods vehicle, bus or a coach, you will be charged £50 a day.

This charge will not be issued automatically, so you will need be aware if your vehicle will be charged and make the payment within the payment window.

You also will not receive a notification that you have driven through a clean air zone but you will only be charged one fee per day no matter how many trips you make within the zone.

When will the clean air zone begin in Portsmouth?

The clean air zone charge will come into action on November 29, 2021.

Other ways that Portsmouth City Council will reduce air pollution in the city

The Local Transport Plan is another way to combat air pollution in the city.

The council are working on the plan which will prioritise delivering cleaner air within Portsmouth and the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan will play a big part in improving air quality.

Portsmouth City Council are also working in partnership with Hampshire County Council, the Isle of Wight Council and local transport operators to deliver a programme called South East Hampshire Rapid Transit.

The programme will see a network of bus priority routes that will reduce journey times for those travelling into the city.

This has been put in place to encourage people to take local transport.

With more people now driving electric vehicles, more electric charging points are needed within Portsmouth.

The council will install charging points on residential streets so residents can charge their plug-in electric vehicles at home.

To find out more about Portsmouth’s clean air zone, please see here.

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