Peaceful Bedhampton road now busy shopper and commuter junction – Nostalgia

Up until the mid 1950s Hulbert Road passed from Waterlooville to Bedhampton. Then  Purbrook Way, on the left behind the Waring’s sign, above, was extended from Park Lane, Bedhampton, to Hulbert Road where it became a T-junction.

Wednesday, 23rd January 2019, 2:29 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 6:40 pm
The former T-junction of Purbrook Way and Hulbert Road, Bedhampton, has been made into a crossroads with the new section going off to the right.

It remained like this until around 1968 when an extension to Purbrook Way cut across Hulbert Road in a staggered crossroads.

It made its way to the junction of Crookhorn Lane and Stakes Hill Road, crossing into Stakes Road, which ends in the village of Purbrook.

Before this anyone wanting to reach Stakes Hill Road had to get to Waterlooville and turn off from London Road.

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Here we see Hulbert Road junction today - now a five-road crossroads with the new raised roundabout constructed in 2017

Around 1970 the junction was made into a roundabout and the Co-op Superstore was constructed with a service road off the roundabout.

After the A3M was constructed in the 1980s with an exit to get into Leigh Park, the roundabout became extremely busy. The Co-op was sold to the ASDA chain and the supermarket was rebuilt.

To the rear can be seen the rear of houses in Ampfield Close, off Winchfield Crescent.

In 2017 a new roundabout with traffic lights controlling traffic was constructed.

Girls at the Empire Theatre, Portsmouth in 1954. Are there any faces you recognise here?

Below, is the same scene today with the roundabout raised some six feet hiding the houses of Ampfield Close and Winchfield Crescent in the background.

It has been extensively landscaped and should look very pleasant in spring and summer.

It must be one of the busiest roundabouts in the country with traffic queuing the length of Purbrook Way back to Park Lane at times.


Regular correspondent Mick Cooper purchased the photograph, below, on eBay for £3. It is a Portsmouth Evening News photograph taken at the Empire Theatre, Edinburgh Road, Portsmouth, on December 24, 1954 so they might be taking part in a pantomime.

What Mick and I would like to know is, what was the occasion?

The girls would be in their late seventies by now and some must still live in the area. 

Please let me know if you are in the photograph.