Instagram Playback 2021: What is it, how to find it and how to create your year in review

INSTAGRAM is following the likes of Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay by launching its own year-in-review feature.

Friday, 10th December 2021, 5:20 pm

The social media platform has curated a new feature that explores 10 of your Instagram Stories from 2021.

Many users have spotted the review on their Instagram feeds and the new feature comes after the successful release of Spotify Wrapped, which allows listeners to view an infographic of their most-streamed songs throughout the year.

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Instagram has released its own year-in-review feature.

Here is everything you need to know about Instagram Playback 2021:

What is Instagram Playback?

Instagram Playback is a yearly review that allows users to reminisce about their Instagram stories throughout 2021.

The review is put together automatically by the platform but users can edit the review if they wish.

The Meta-owned platform has said that the feature has been put in place to 'celebrate and reflect on 2021 ahead of the New Year.'

How to find your Instagram Playback

The yearly review can be found in two ways.

A message should appear on your Instagram feed automatically from today, asking if you would like to create your own Playback.

Users can also tap a special 2021 sticker which will appear on stories from friends who have already uploaded their review of the year.

Instagram has stated that the review will only be available for a few weeks so be quick if you want to watch your highlight reel of 2021.

How to create your year-in-review

You can edit your Instagram playback by deleting or adding new posts to the feature.

Users can choose a maximum of 10 stories for their Playback whilst adding links, stickers and more to the older stories.

If you follow the on-screen instructions, you can tweak the review to show your best memories that were shared on your Instagram stories throughout 2021 before re-sharing the posts with your followers.

Has Instagram made an end-of-year compilation before?

Instagram Playback is a new feature this year to the social media platform but this is not the first time Instagram has been involved with an end-of-year compilation.

The ‘Top Nine’ photo grid was a very popular addition to the platform but this was not an official feature on the app.

The Top Nine website states that it was the first app to create the feature which allowed users to share nine of their most-liked posts throughout the year.

This feature led to many third-party apps creating their own 'Top Nine' grids but the new Instagram Playback feature is the official highlight review for users this year.

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