Brits warned they could be hit by €30,000 fines for breaking this law in Mallorca and Ibiza

BRITISH tourists travelling to Spain this summer have been warned not to attend ‘illegal’ parties or risk facing huge fines.

The Balearic Islands, which includes Mallorca and Ibiza, is clamping down on drinking and anti-social behaviour.

A six drink a day limit has been introduced at popular resorts, replacing the unlimited offers of the past, and other restrictions are now in place.

Happy hours and free bar offers are now banned on Mallorca and Ibiza, while shops selling alcohol will be closed from 9.30pm to 8am every day.

Brits traveling to Ibiza are being warned they could face huge fines due to new rules (Photo by Zowy Voeten/Getty Images)

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Major drinking law change all tourists heading to Spain this summer need to know

The organisation of pub crawls and party boats are prohibited.

Brits travelling to the Balearic Islands this summer are being reminded to follow the new rules and to avoid attending any ‘illegal’ parties or risk facing fines.

Birmingham Live reports that a spokesperson for the British Embassy in Spain said: ‘There have been a number of serious accidents involving people attending irregular commercially promoted parties in villas and private homes on the islands of Ibiza and Majorca.

‘Licensed clubs and bars are required to meet safety and security standards, including emergency exits and capacity limits, and to have trained, licensed security staff. Irregular commercial parties may not meet these standards.

‘You should take care of your belongings, ensure you know where emergency exits are located and not take unnecessary risks. Heavy fines may be imposed by local authorities to anyone attending irregular commercial parties.’

Police have the powers to hand out fines of up to €300,000 for organisers, while attendees could also be fined between 300 euros and 30,000 euros.