Digital skills in Portsmouth: Transform your business via a bootcamp with Solent Partners

A Portsmouth business owner is raising a glass to his business success after completing a digital skills bootcamp with Solent Partners.

Portsmouth Distillery Founding Director Giles Collighan completed a Digital Marketing Skills Bootcamp and says it has had “a real impact, raising awareness of my business and engaging with more customers”.

Giles signed up for the Skills Bootcamp course with the aim of moving the Portsmouth Distillery’s digital marketing in-house, to establish a robust social media strategy which would take the business forward.

He said: “The training took me from learning the brass tacks to the more complex side of social media marketing.

“We’ve already started to see positive changes within the business as we’re properly planning ahead with our social media posts to raise awareness of our products and engage with people, for example by running competitions, then following up with emails to build up customer loyalty.”

There are big deliverables from the Skills Bootcamps

Giles continued: “The most valuable thing I took from Bootcamp was gaining an understanding of the full journey the customer will take - from initially becoming aware of the company through social media and using online tools to make a buying decision, to maintaining customer loyalty afterwards.

“I’d definitely recommend the Skills Bootcamps to any business owner.

“You need to apply yourself 100% - there are big deliverables, but you will get back every bit of effort you put into it in terms of the benefit it has for your business.”

Solent Partners Chair, Rachael Randall, said: “It’s fantastic to hear the real-world impact Skills Bootcamps are having, and to hear how those who have completed the courses are benefitting from the skills they've learned.

The courses respond to skills’ shortages

“The Skills Bootcamp programme is a fantastic opportunity for anybody wanting to improve their career skills, and for businesses wanting to future-proof their workforce.

“Our excellent courses are designed with industry to respond to skills’ shortages in the region and align with Solent Partners’ ambitions to promote the collective prosperity and sustainability of the Solent economy.”

Future Skills Bootcamp courses, including new courses aimed at the creative and other sectors, will be announced shortly.

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