Tips for creating an independence-friendly bathroom

As we age, ensuring our homes are safe and accessible becomes increasingly important. With some straightforward adjustments, you can make your bathroom suitable for independent living and empower you to keep your independence.  

The bathroom, in particular, can pose risks for slips and falls as we grow older. Follow these top tips to help you stay safe:

1.     Install sturdy grab bars

Mount grab bars near the toilet, shower and bath to provide stability and support. Make sure they are securely fixed to the wall and can bear weight.

2.     Consider a walk-in shower

Traditional showers with high thresholds can be challenging for elderly people to navigate. Opt for a walk-in shower with low or no threshold for easy and safe entry and exit.

3.     Use non-slip mats

Place non-slip mats inside the shower and bath, as well as on the bathroom floor, to reduce the risk of accidents. These mats offer traction even when wet.

4.     Adapt shower and tap controls

Install lever-style or touch-sensitive controls for showers and taps to make them easier to use for those with limited dexterity. Ensure the controls are reachable from a seated position.

5.     Raise toilet seat height

Consider fitting a raised toilet seat to make sitting down and standing up easier. Some options also feature armrests for added support.

6.     Improve lighting

Good lighting is crucial to prevent accidents in the bathroom. Install bright, energy-efficient LED lights to ensure visibility, especially during night-time trips.

7.     Declutter

Remove unnecessary items from the bathroom to minimise tripping hazards. Keep essential toiletries within easy reach but out of the way when not in use.

8.     Explore accessibility features

For people with limited mobility, additional features like a shower bench, handheld showerhead or wheelchair-accessible sink can enhance accessibility and comfort.

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Implementing these modifications can transform your bathroom into a safer and more comfortable space. Whether you’re making these changes for yourself or a loved one, investing in bathroom adaptations can significantly improve your quality of life and promote independence.

When it comes to bathroom adaptations, quality materials and professional installation are the priority:

– Durable fixtures and accessories: Invest in high-quality fixtures and accessories which are designed to withstand daily use and provide long-lasting performance.

– Choose expert installation services: Enlist the help of qualified professionals, such as those at EA Mobility who specialise in accessible design and installation. From grab bar placement to shower seat installation, professional expertise ensures proper functionality and safety.

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