Blitz sees action over 200 dumped and untaxed cars

MORE than 200 untaxed or abandoned vehicles have been identified and dealt with by police in Gosport.

Thursday, 13th April 2017, 6:09 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:53 pm
An abandoned car being removed

Since December, two-day operations have been carried out and officers have either towed, clamped or fined 230 vehicles.

As previously reported in The News, residents had complained to Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage about the issue and a partnership was formed.

Now, police have revealed that during one of the two-day stings they identified 65 abandoned or untaxed cars.

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Ms Dinenage welcomed the success of the operation.

She said: ‘My constituents have become increasingly concerned about this issue.

‘It affects parking availability, causes hazards on the roads and in one case has even impacted a business expansion.

‘This – entirely avoidable – issue should not be blighting people’s daily lives in this way.

‘I held a meeting between the relevant organisations to plan how we can all work together in an effort to reduce the problems that abandoned and untaxed vehicles are causing in Gosport.

‘I’m delighted this is already delivering results and hope it will continue to do so.’

The two-day operation used automatic number plate recognition technology alongside Gosport’s traffic warden and representatives from Streetscene and the DVLA.

A number of hotspots identified by members of the public were targeted including areas where car traders were believed to be operating.

In December, 36 cars were clamped, 54 vehicles received a ticket and 20 vehicles removed.

In February, 36 vehicles were clamped, seven got a ticket and 12 were taken away.

Most recently, last month saw 43 vehicles clamped, four issues with a ticket and 18 removed.

Inspector Richard Thompson, from Gosport’s neighbourhood policing team, said: ‘Gosport’s traffic warden has taken part in these successful joint operations with partners including the DVLA.

‘These vehicles were identified using methods including automated number plate recognition and as a result some received tickets, were clamped, or may have been towed away.

‘This is one of a number of operations that have been undertaken to address untaxed or abandoned vehicles on the public highway in Gosport.’

He added: ‘We’ve seen positive results in areas including Park Street, Moreland Road, and Toronto Road, where these types of vehicles are no longer causing an obstruction.’