Drunk Pryzm racist smashed shoe over Portsmouth reveller's head

A RACIST drunk smashed her shoe over a nightclub reveller’s head when he intervened after she unleashed a tirade of abuse at a black bouncer.

By Ben Fishwick
Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 1:54 pm
Updated Monday, 18th February 2019, 10:11 am
Pryzm nightclub, Stanhope Road, Portsmouth. Picture: Chris Moorhouse
Pryzm nightclub, Stanhope Road, Portsmouth. Picture: Chris Moorhouse

Security asked Georgie Joyce to leave the Pryzm dance floor as she was drunk and staggering about but kicked up a fuss at a bouncer and his black woman colleague asking to remove her shoes.

After being taken to the medical room and with orders to leave the club she used an offensive racial slur saying ‘get your... hands off me’ and added: ‘Get your African hands off me, I hope you die of Ebola or something.’

Shamed Joyce, 21, was called out on her racism by a bystander in the Stanhope Road club who said: ‘How can you say such racist things?’

Pryzm nightclub, Stanhope Road, Portsmouth. Picture: Chris Moorhouse

She replied ‘because I can’ and then smashed her shoe down on top of his head so hard he needed hospital treatment and four stitches for the wound.

Prosecutor Jeffrey Lamb said: ‘Police were called by the security staff and Miss Joyce was arrested. She was interviewed. It seems she replied no comment.

‘When she was asked “how drunk do you feel out of 1-10, 10 being very drunk, what number would you put yourself?” she started to cry and said “10”.’

Telling Portsmouth Crown Court of the moment Joyce hit the bystander, Mr Lamb said: ‘She then, with shoes in her hand, hit him on top of the head with one of the shoes.

‘He says that he put his hand to his head, could feel blood spilling out a wound.’

Recruitment officer Joyce, of Yarborough Road, Southsea, wept in the dock as the details of how her night out on May 25 last year turned sour at 1.55am

Judge Michael Bowes QC told Joyce: ‘Your behaviour that night was entirely disgraceful but out of character.’

He added: ‘More good will be done in this case by imposing a community penalty.’

Recorder Bowes imposed a 12-month community order with 50 hours’ unpaid work, with £500 compensation to the reveller and £150 to the bouncer. She must pay £100 costs.

She admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and racially-aggravated intentional harassment. They are her first convictions.

The court heard she was a victim of violence for which her partner was jailed in August.

Christopher Wing, mitigating, said: ‘She freely admits she was drinking far too much. It’s the demon drink that exposed the dark side of her behaviour that night.’

He added: ‘This was a very bad night out for all concerned but a one-off.’