Here's how CCTV captured Gosport killer Brendan Rowan-Davies' movements and sealed a murder conviction - despite his claim a 'mystery knifeman' was to blame

SADISTIC Brendan Rowan-Davies had 40 minutes to torture, tie up and cruelly murder a young mother.

Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 6:57 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 7:30 pm

CCTV footage painstakingly recovered by Hampshire's major crime detectives tracked Kelly-Anne Case's killer – and how he changed his clothes twice.

Footage played at Winchester Crown Court caught him first arriving at her home in Grange Crescent, Gosport,on July 30, 2019, where he had been invited with friend Will Vallender at gone midnight.

They left Rowan-Davies’ home in Trinity Close, Gosport, at 12.14am in a taxi arriving at 12.25am.

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IMAGE FOUR: Rowan-Davies leaves Vallender's home

During the time together they drank vodka and took cocaine before 6ft3in Rowan-Davies told 5ft1in Ms Case he had 'always fancied' her and she 'laughed' at him.

Before both men left at 6.30am the defendant paved the way for his murderous return at 7.43am.

He filmed Mr Vallender and Ms Case having sex without their knowledge. He stole what he thought was her underwear. All for what the judge said was his own sexual titillation.

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IMAGE EIGHT: Rowan-Davies walks through an alleyway after murdering Kelly-Anne Case.

But fatally when Mr Vallender and Rowan-Davies left, the defendant left Ms Case’s back door unlocked.

More CCTV caught the moment he was at Mr Vallender’s home in Salt Meat Lane, and when he left – going to his own home by 6.59am, changing his clothes and leaving at 7.23am.

Then he catches a bus back to Grange Close, where the entrance to Ms Case’s home is, and arrives at 7.43am.

Interior bus CCTV captures him standing in the gangway preparing to leave as the bus slows. At 7.46am he arrives in Grange Close.

IMAGE NINE: Rowan-Davies walks through an alleyway after murdering Kelly-Anne Case

A neighbour’s camera spotted him seemingly hesitating near her house when he was spotted by an acquaintance.

Dashcam footage from a vehicle in Grange Close shows that at 8.24am there is no smoke coming from Ms Case’s home.

This did not stop him, bringing with him cable ties as he prepared to tie up Ms Case in what would be her final moments as he tortured and slaughtered the innocent mum-of-three.

IMAGE ONE: Brendan Rowan-Davies gets into a taxi

During his trial he claimed a mystery killer was responsible. But jurors heard a combination of evidence, CCTV and dashcam footage that mean Rowan-Davies would have been in the house for 40 minutes.

The mystery killer would have just three minutes, on his story, to torture and kill her, strip the bed, set the fire, and leave.

At 8.26am Rowan-Davies is spotted along Grange Close, walking towards and down the cycle path where he burned evidence. He arrives at his mother’s home in Chilworth Grove at 8.33am.

Rowan-Davies enters an alleyway between 9.06am and 9.18am before retracing his steps into Trinity Close at 9.29am.

Cameras then show him at 9.33am ‘carrying two bags, white and blue, towards the bins then returning 30 seconds later without the bags’ at 9.34am.

At just gone 10am he was seen on CCTV taking more black bags to the bins at his home.

IMAGE THREE: Rowan-Davies and Vallender in Salt Meat Lane
IMAGE FIVE: Rowan-Davies gets a bus to Kelly-Anne Case's home
IMAGE SEVEN: Rowan-Davies gets a bus to Kelly-Anne Case's home
IMAGE TWO: Brendan Rowan-Davies gets a taxi home
IMAGE SIX: Rowan-Davies gets a bus to Kelly-Anne Case's home
IMAGE TEN: Rowan-Davies gets a bus home to Trinity Close after murdering Kelly-Anne Case.