Inquest hears man, 27, wrecked Gosport shop after taking drugs and becoming paranoid

A CORONER heard how a drug-fuelled weekend led to a man ransacking a convenience store before being taken to hospital where he later died.

Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 6:07 am
Updated Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 8:37 am
A file photo of police

The opening day of the inquest into Matthew Lynn heard how he had run into the McColls store on Forton Road, in Gosport, shouting someone was after him and was going to kill him.

Witnesses told Portsmouth Coroner’s Court, and an eight-person jury, that Mr Lynn, 27, had taken cocaine over the weekend of February 4 last year while out with friends.

His housemate Christopher Nicholas said Mr Lynn took more cocaine on February 7.

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Addressing the court he said: ‘He was pacing around the house looking out of windows. He was paranoid someone was outside and they wanted to kill him. He was frantic, hyper and tense.’

Mr Nicholas said he was concerned about Mr Lynn so called an ambulance. But when it arrived at the house in Lees Lane, the paramedics said they had to wait for police to arrive before they could enter the house.

Mr Nicholas added: ‘I called the police so the paramedics could come in but after an hour, they still hadn’t arrived.’

While waiting for the police, Mr Lynn left the house and ran down the road to McColls.

Giving evidence, store supervisor Alison O’Gorman said: ‘He (Mr Lynn) ran in and was shouting people were after him. He was only wearing shorts and was running around the store saying someone was going to kill him.’

CCTV footage from the shop showed Mr Lynn running up and down the aisles throwing cans and bottles of alcohol. He is seen trying to get through a Perspex door, leading to the tills and where Ms O’Gorman was stood.

She said he smashed through the door, knocking alcohol off the shelves. She added: ‘Two guys came into the store and one of them restrained him while the other helped me over the counter. I was terrified.’

Detective Constable Mark Brockman said after Mr Lynn had been restrained, officers arrived at the scene.

‘He was put in handcuffs due to his aggressive and erratic behaviour,’ he said.

‘The officers said he was under the influence of drink or drugs and requested an ambulance. He was transferred to QA Hospital where he was place in an induced coma after suffering from the failure of major organs.

‘His life support was withdrawn on February 17.’