'˜Justice has been done' '“ Victim's dad speaks out after Portsmouth murder sentence

A devastated dad whose daughter was viciously killed in a frenzied knife attack by a wheelchair-using drug addict said '˜justice had been done' after a 23-year sentence was handed down.

Friday, 16th February 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Friday, 16th February 2018, 7:23 am
Victoria Arthur was jailed for 23 years for the murder of Nadine Burden

Victoria Arthur, 44, was motionless as judge Mrs Justice May delivered the sentence at Salisbury Crown Court following the ruthless attack on Nadine Burden, 37, in her Toronto Road house on January 28 last year.

Arthur had stormed round to Ms Burden’s home in her wheelchair while armed with a knife before stabbing the victim seven times and making off.

Arthur, of Milton Road, was fuming over non-payment of an outstanding debt of £100 to her partner Julie Palmer, who was sentenced to two years in prison for assisting an offender after she washed Arthur’s bloodstained clothes and knife at her Westminster Place address.

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Ms Burden’s dad Serge Garbou said after the verdict: ‘Nothing will bring my daughter back but I’m pleased with the verdicts. Justice was done and we have some closure.

‘This has been going on for a long time now and has been difficult for all the family. Nadine was my only daughter and she leaves behind five children.

‘I would like to thank the police and prosecution for their efforts. We are indebted to them for bringing about these convictions.’

The court heard heroin and alcohol addict Arthur had a long history of offending including two convictions for carrying a blade. In total she had committed 180 offences and had 37 convictions.

Victoria Arthur was jailed for 23 yeras for the murder of Nadine Burden

Drug addict Palmer, 54, had 39 offences and three convictions mainly for theft and deception.

Mrs Justice May said: ‘There are so many victims in all this. Nadine’s father has lost his only daughter and Nadine leaves behind five children.

‘They hoped she would get better after rehabilitation. The family has showed great dignity throughout the case which must have been heartrending. The court extends our deepest condolences.’

The judge told Arthur: ‘I’m sentencing you to life imprisonment. Ms Burden’s death is a tragedy for her family and friends who hoped that she would recover from her addictions.

Nadine Burden, who was murdered by Victoria Arthur

‘You went round to Ms Burden’s home and inflicted multiple stab wounds before leaving her alone. She must have been utterly terrified.

‘You wiped down the door before leaving and went home where your clothes were washed.’

Turning to Palmer, Justice May added: ‘You knew Ms Burden had been stabbed and washed the knife and clothes.’

Det Con Steve Norridge said after the verdict: ‘I would like to thank Nadine’s family for their support and understanding throughout the investigation and I would especially like to thank her dad, who has acted with immense dignity throughout the court cases.

‘I hope today’s sentence goes some way to giving the family closure and that they can move on from this terrible event.

‘I am grateful to the significant witnesses who attended court on more than one occasion in order to present crucial evidence.’

Victoria Arthur was jailed for 23 yeras for the murder of Nadine Burden
Nadine Burden, who was murdered by Victoria Arthur