Portsmouth '˜road rage' driver banned four times avoids jail

A DRIVER with a string of convictions crashed into the back of a car three times forcing its passenger to smack against the dashboard.

Friday, 22nd April 2016, 6:01 am
Road rage driver Adam Andrews, 32, of Tiller Road, Waterlooville, who admitted dangerous driving and was given a suspended sentence at Portsmouth Crown Court

Adam Andrews followed victims Simon Maidment and Zoe McLeod, who were driving in Credenhill Road, Paulsgrove.

Andrews, who has 32 convictions for 109 offences, has previously been banned from driving four times.

The court heard Andrews was angry Mr Maidment had stayed at Andrews’ on/off girlfriend’s home. The woman had previously been Mr Maidment’s partner, although at the time of the incident they were just friends.

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Rob Griffiths, prosecuting, said: ‘They made eye contact. Andrews looked angry.

‘Mr Maidment reversed the car back down the road with the defendant following, the vehicles nose to nose.

‘At that point Mr Maidment stopped. The defendant was saying something, gesturing to get out the car and Mr Maidment was shocked and said no. He reversed on to the main road Allaway Avenue and drove forwards.’

It was then that Andrews crashed into the back of Mr Maidment’s car, Mr Griffiths told the court.

He added that Andrews claimed in a report to probation that there was just one crash but the prosecution said there were three collisions.

Mr Griffiths added: ‘He was clear that one of the incidents was of sufficient force that Zoe McLeod was thrown forward against the dashboard of the vehicle. She suffered whiplash injuries.’

It happened on August 8 last year. Andrews, 32, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

Sentencing at Portsmouth Crown Court, judge Claudia Ackner handed Andrews a 12-month jail term suspended for 18 months with a year ban. He must do an extended test.

The judge said: ‘You confronted Mr Maidment and his partner Zoe McLeod and were involved in a piece of road rage at a low speed deliberately bringing your vehicle into contact with theirs and causing some damage.’

The court heard Andrews, of Tiller Road, Waterlooville, was ‘very sorry’.