Cyclist in horror crash loses leg more than two years after Gosport collision

PENSIONER Phil Dyke has told how incredible pain has filled his life after being hit by a car - with his leg amputated more than two years after the crash.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 23rd November 2018, 8:27 am
Updated Friday, 23rd November 2018, 9:32 am
Phil Dyke with his wife Tina
Phil Dyke with his wife Tina

Surgeons carried out 15 operations on the 70-year-old over two and a half years in a bid to save him from losing his foot when it was left '˜hanging by skin' when he was hit while cycling.

But five months ago he suffered a collapse in his leg and medics had to carry out a below-the-knee amputation.

The agony of the last few years have left him a '˜prisoner' in his own home - forced into a wheelchair and a far cry from his active lifestyle of sailing, kayaking and taking long walks.

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Phil Dyke with his wife Tina

Both the former baker and wife Tina, 56, are still living through upheaval as they wait until March for their home in Windsor Road, Gosport, to be specially-adapted.

Mr Dyke said: '˜As far as life is concerned its completely turned it upside down by the actions of an idiot - a split-second of madness and it nearly cost me my life.

'˜Initially when I was in the emergency room I saw a surgeon - I'd seen the damage, basically taken my foot off.

'˜I said could we get rid of it? He said 'I think we could have a go at saving it'.

'˜It's been an extremely painful two-and-a-half years trying to save it.

'˜It has affected everybody.'

Mr Dyke has been about to turn right out int Dock Road, when a car pulled out of the road and hit him on April 13, 2016.

The crash, caused by Graham Fitzpatrick in a Ford Puma, dashed plans for Mr Dyke to help his wife's exhibition and events business.

Instead, she has been forced to halve the number of clients she has as she stays by his side.

Mrs Dyke said: '˜We were where we wanted to be - our house was how we wanted it to be, then with just one idiot it's completely shattered.'

She added: '˜I'm very angry about what's happened to Phil and what he's been put through.'

Reconstructive surgeries '“ that have been in vain as Mr Dyke lost his leg '“ have left him with scars on his back and waist as bone was taken from his pelvis.

After losing his leg Mr Dyke said: '˜I'm angry about the whole thing '“ we have to just get on with it, we can't turn back the clock.'

Mr Dyke hopes eventually he will be able to return to an active lifestyle. He said: '˜I'm giving myself a target to do it again '“ whether or not I achieve it I don't know but I need to have that target.'

Claire Howard, partner and expert serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell is working on Mr Dyke's claim. She said: '˜Phil's case vividly highlights the devastating consequences that vulnerable road users such as cyclists can be left to face because of the careless actions of others.'

Crash driver Graham Fitzpatrickwas driving under a provisional licence without L-plates and was unaccompanied by a qualified driver. He subsequently was banned from driving for two years at Aldershot Magistrates' Court.