Coronation: Pictures of gun salute by Royal Navy sailors at Portsmouth Naval Base honouring King Charles III

Gun shots echoed across the city to mark the Coronation of King Charles III.

The 21-round salute was carried out by Royal Navy personnel at Portsmouth Naval Base at midday. Sailors wore anti-flash gloves as they primed the artillery before it was fired.

His Majesty became the 40th reigning sovereign to be crowned at Westminster Abbey, the nation’s coronation church since 1066, as Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby placed St Edward’s Crown on his head earlier today. The historic moment was watched by millions around the world, with gun salutes carried out at military sites across the UK.

In a touching moment, the Prince of Wales pledged himself to his father the King, kissing him on the cheek and touching St Edward’s Crown. The coronation was a deeply religious ceremony steeped in symbolism

It was a fulfilment of the King’s destiny following the death of Queen Elizabeth II last September after her 70 year reign.

Another salute was fired at Fort Nelson near Portsdown Hill earlier today.

Here are eight pictures of the gun salute at Portsmouth Naval Base.