Falklands 40: Headlines from The News, Portsmouth, on May 18, 1982

This is what was being reported from the Falklands on this day in1982 – with news of another Sea King helicopter ditching.

Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 4:55 am

Stay away or you’ll suffer, Argentine warns task force

Argentina’s air force commander has said the British task force near the Falkland Islands will face a massive attack if it sails within range of Argentine weapons.

Brigadier Basilio Lami Dozo, a member of the ruling three-man junta, said: ‘The first condition is that they are perfectly detected and within range of our whole weapons system. As soon as that happens, we will launch a massive attack.’

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A Sea King helicopter during the Falklands Picture: Martin Cleaver/Pool/Getty Images)

The air force chief, back in Buenos Aires from an inspection visit to the southern port of Comodoro Rivadavia, said the firepower of his armed branch was undiminished since British forces went into action around the archipelago 17 days ago.

The Argentine High Command reported no fresh military action since British planes attacked two Argentine ships and launched two bombing raids on Sunday.

The High Command said British planes had damaged a ship carrying supplies for the islanders, destroyed civilian installations in Fox Bay, and dropped a powerful bomb which failed to explode near a private house at Port Darwin.

‘This shows that the English aviations attacks without discriminating its targets, seriously endangering the lives and property of the population they say they are defending,’ a communique said.

The News

The Argentine forces holding the islands since April 2 would “take the relevant measures to protect the legitimate rights of the population.”

Government officials remained silent on the prospects of a negotiated solution to the crisis.

Sea King ditches

A Sea King helicopter from the task force ditched early today, the Defence Ministry announced.

The crew was picked up without injury, said a brief statement.

It read: ‘Just after 1am this morning, London time, a Sea King helicopter operating in support of the task force ditched.’

‘This was not the result of any action involving Argentine forces. The crew vacated the helicopter soon after it hit the water and was safely recovered by another helicopter. None of the crew were injured.’

The task force has now lost five helicopters since it set sail for the South Atlantic.

Rebuff gives govt. another headache

An emergency Cabinet meeting today was hearing the results of last-ditch talks on the U.N. Falklands peace plan - amid a growing feeling that Britain is poised to launch a full-scale invasion of the islands.

Ministers were also likely to consider a new problem brought to a head by the crisis in the South Atlantic, involving the EEC.

Last night Britain suffered an undoubted rebuff when Italy and Ireland opted out of trade sanctions against Argentina.

All Community members agreed to continue blocking Argentine imports for another seven days but, after that, Italy and Ireland will drop the embargo.

Children put the flags out

Naval pomp and ceremony for Princess Anne’s visit to HMS Dryad today was set against a background of flag-waving Southwick Infant School children.

The Princess arrived by car five minutes early after landing at Fort Southwick by helicopter.

Princess Anne, in her uniform as Chief Commandant of the Women’s Royal Naval Service, took the salute and inspected the guard to the music of the Royal Marines.

She was then taken on a tour of the establishment, by the Captain of the Navy’s School of Maritime Operations (Capt Tony Barnden, RN) and the WRNS Unit Officer (First Officer Anne Kempton).