Palestine Protests: Demonstrators make voices heard on Israel-Hamas conflict outside Portsmouth Naval Base

Protestors lined up in unison outside Portsmouth Naval Base calling for the UK to take action to end the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Demonstrators gathered at Unicorn Gate on Thursday afternoon (February 29), near the home of defence giant BAE Systems. In a similar gathering to last week, protestors displayed the Palestine flag and signs stating “Stop Arming Israel”. Rallies have been taking place across the UK outside several sites of naval importance, and places which are home to defence companies.

Protestors claimed that BAE Systems is “complicit” in the horrors that are taking place in Gaza by producing components for F-35 combat aircraft used by Israel. Officers from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary were present at the protest.

BAE Systems said they were “horrified” by the impact the conflict is having on civilians in Gaza, and it complies with defence export controls.