Punk rock band furious at how veterans are treated record music video in Portsmouth for city charity

‘FURIOUS’ musicians outraged at the mental health crisis gripping Britain’s veteran’s community have recorded a fundraising song for a forces charity.

Wednesday, 11th December 2019, 4:21 pm
Updated Friday, 13th December 2019, 3:04 pm

Underground punk rock band MC16 hopes its latest track will shine a light on the problems faced by traumatised troops.

The three-piece’s work will be raising cash for Southsea-based All Call Signs, which supports veterans with a host of problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and homelessness.

And to accompany the band’s tune, Sleeping On Cardboard, MC16 has recorded a music video in Portsmouth featuring All Call Signs’ co-founder, Dan Arnold.

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Punk rock band MC16, pictured, have recorded a song to raise money for Southsea-based military support charity, All Call Signs.

The film, shot by Portsmouth filmmaker Will Hutchinson, focuses on an army veteran’s struggle to cope with life after leaving the military.

Tom Carson, frontman of MC16, said he was dumbfounded at how military veterans were facing such hardships after their service.

The 39-year-old said: ‘The idea that you could be serving in the forces and that your biggest fight isn’t on the battlefield but when you come back home is something I can’t contemplate, it leaves me furious and unable to sleep.

‘As a country we should look after our people and especially those who try and look after us.

Daniel Arnold, of All Call Signs, featured in the music video by punk rock band MC16. Image: Will Hutchinson.

‘If we see an injured dog then rightly so people rush over to help but if they see an “injured” homeless ex-forces veteran then they just walk on by.’

The single will be released on December 20 on all major streaming platforms and can be downloaded at MC16's BandCamp Page – mc16band.bandcamp.com – with all proceeds going towards All Call Signs

Afghanistan veteran Dan, who has been left with PTSD after his military service with the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, was touched by the gesture.

He said: ‘The song is great and really highlights the issues surrounding veterans suffering with mental health and living on the streets which is at the forefront of everyone's mind - especially this time of year

Daniel Arnold, of All Call Signs, featured in the music video by punk rock band MC16. Image: Will Hutchinson.

‘We hope that the single paints a very realistic picture of what it is like for some members of the armed forces when they leave.’

The music video, short earlier this year, features the former Royal Marines Barracks, in Eastney, naval memorial in Southsea and All Call Sign’s RV drop-in centre, in Albert Road, Southsea.

Speaking of Portsmouth, Tom added: ‘Portsmouth is an exciting city.‘There’s a real community feel in it. You don’t get that in a lot of cities. A lot of them are broken.

‘But you don’t feel that in Portsmouth. You can feel the community and feel the hope.’

Daniel Arnold, of All Call Signs, featured in the music video by punk rock band MC16, which was record across parts of Southsea and Eastney. Image: Will Hutchinson.