Royal Navy: Glorious pictures of HMS Albans rededication ceremony at HMNB Portsmouth as she re-joins fleet

Sailors and Royal Navy officials welcomed HMS St Albans back into the fleet at her rededication ceremony.

The ceremony which officially welcomed the Type 23 frigate back into the fold took place last Sunday (May 19) at HMNB Portsmouth. The Duke-class vessel has been given a life-extension upgrade which has taken five years to complete.

She has been back at sea since March, but was given an official parade last weekend. The upgrade is expected to make HMS St Albans available throughout the 2020s and into the 2030s.

Commanding Officer Commander Helen Coxon said: “Rededicating HMS St Albans is a significant milestone in our regeneration journey, as we transition from Engineering Project to Warship.

"Regenerating a frigate is a challenging time, with complex trials on cutting-edge equipment. But it is the people and the support from their loved ones that is central to our success. It was fantastic that affiliates, friends and families of our ship’s company have been able to join the celebrations.” Here are multiple pictures from the ceremony.

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