Royal Navy: HMS Queen Elizabeth travels under the Forth Bridge on her way to Rosyth for repairs

Stunning images have captured the Royal Navy’s flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth passing underneath the Forth Bridge as she heads to Rosyth for essential repairs.

The 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier passed underneath the Forth Bridge, as well as the road bridges, this morning (March 21) on her way to the dry dock. It follows her earlier journey to Glen Mallan to unload her munitions. Upon arrival at the naval base in Fife, a short distance away from the bridges, the ship’s starboard propellor shaft coupling will be repaired after an issue with it resulted in the carrier being withdrawn from the NATO exercise Steadfast Defender last month. Her sister ship HMS Prince of Wales has taken her place.

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The exercise - NATO's largest exercise since the Cold War - is a collaborative project to evaluate the combined capabilities of nations and their allies to respond to hostilities in home waters and many international ships had stopped off in Portsmouth on their way to take part. HMS Queen Elizabeth began her journey for repairs earlier in March when she set sail from Portsmouth naval base - as city residents gathered to watch the ship's departure.