Don’t blame the public for pub closures - high rents are at fault | Reader’s Letter

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I write In reply to the most recent letter concerning, what once was a British Institution ‘The Pub written by M Froggatt (Lots of pubs decimated by cheap supermarket booze - a crying shame, Mar 9).

Please, please do not blame the customer for what is the end of the road for the public house, as the blame should quite rightly put at the greediness of each and every landlord who today not only expects but demands a rent well in advance of any rational thought.

For example the cost of meeting a monthly rent for a public house manager can well be in excess of £2,000-£3,000 that is for the rent alone.

Let’s not forget all other overheads that must be taken into consideration.

The final cost even before the doors are open is way beyond the financial reach of most pub managers, which is why a pint of beer can cost anything up to £5

Sadly, with the best will in the world, this all results in a financial disaster for all concerned.

Mr Froggatt, please do not put the blame of the loss of public houses solely at the feet of the British public.

Martin Clark

Lashly Meadow, Hambledon