The Spinnaker Tower standing tall and proud. Picture: Vicky Stovell Instagram: @smi_ley456 Facebook: Smiley Sunshine Photography

18 wonderful images taken by local photographer Vicky Stovell

Portsmouth local Vicky says she loves the beautiful coastal areas, landmarks and historical places that surround us.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 3:15 pm

She said: ‘I discovered my passion for photography in the first lockdown of March 2020. It was so important for me to get out and carry on with my daily exercises, as fitness plays a massive part in my mental health, as does capturing our beautiful city.

My father who sadly is no longer with us was a keen and passionate photographer. I feel my father shines through my photography and that on its own, is where my passion for photography lies.

‘I often share daily posts of my photography to numerous social media groups, along with positive quotes, not only to lift people's spirits, but also during lockdown and for those who were unable to get out and about due to Covid.

‘I very much enjoy sunrises and sunsets, sunrise over Langstone harbour being one of my favourites. Whilst many people are still sleeping, I am out in warm clothing, being mesmerised by nature's beauty, capturing it all and sharing my passion.’

Vicky’s pictures can be found on:

Instagram: @smi_ley456

Facebook: Smiley Sunshine Photography

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