Exploding the myths around being a carer

Looking for a change in direction? We shine a spotlight on a flexible, rewarding career.

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Monday, 17th October 2016, 10:47 pm
Are you looking for a fulfilling and rewarding career?
Are you looking for a fulfilling and rewarding career?

Imagine a career that brings huge satisfaction, that’s flexible with great opportunities to develop and expand your skills in lots of interesting directions.

Chances are that you aren’t thinking ‘carer’.

Yet an increasing number of people of all ages and backgrounds are recognising the benefits of taking on just that kind of role, and looking after people in their own homes. According to Julie Hughes of Chichester-based Guardian Angel Carers, that really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

For once you explode the myths, working as a carer is revealed as a smart career move.

“Many people find it’s one of the most satisfying careers they’ve had,” she says. “And with our ageing population, it’s a role that’s going to keep on being in demand.”

Some find working in the care industry so fulfilling, they don’t seem to want to stop. One of Guardian Angel Carers’ team is in her 70s.

Others have discovered a working life that is vastly different to how it is often portrayed.

Exploding the myths

• It’s very satisfying: carers often talk of the huge job satisfaction of working with people who really appreciate their efforts.

• It’s flexible: more than you realise. You can work around young children or older relatives. Some choose to work weekends or work overnight. There are part time and full time roles.

• Your help goes a long way: by helping someone remain at home for as long as possible, they tend to be more comfortable and there’s less pressure on the NHS and hospitals.

• No experience required: you don’t need a ‘caring’ or nursing background. People from all backgrounds make great carers, from 18 year old, school or college leavers to people returning to work after the family has grown up or seeking a career change. An organisation like Guardian Angels Carers provides full training and support, so you gain vital skills too.

• There are great prospects: as well as carers working ‘on the ground’ with their clients, there are lots of opportunities to develop a great career within the care industry. So it’s possible to progress to become a mentor, team leader, recruitment or bookings co-ordinator, or care assessor.

• You’re supported all the way: the best care bosses provide holiday pay and fixed hour flexible contracts, so there’s security for you too.

According to Julie Hughes, many people find a role as a carer is their ideal job.

“It’s very rewarding to know you’re helping someone stay in their own home, so they can lead an active and largely independent life. We’re very proud of what we do and care very much for our clients. There’s a real ‘feel good’ element to being a carer.”

“With the “myths,” exploded, she adds, “you can see how a career in care can be really rewarding and fulfilling.”

Interested in find out how to be a carer? Visit Guardian Angel Carers for more details.