Fundraiser finishes year-long handstand challenge

FUNDRAISER Justine Allingham has raised hundreds of pounds in a topsy-turvy charity drive.

Thursday, 18th August 2016, 2:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:41 pm
Justine Allingham pictured on day 234 outside the D-Day Museum in Portsmouth

The 24-year-old, of Portchester, completed a handstand each day for a year to raise cash for The Firefighter’s Charity.

She finished yesterday at Fareham fire station.

Justine posted on Twitter: ‘Day 366 thanks to blue watch @Fareham17 challenge complete.’

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As reported, bewildered members of the public who’ve spotted her upside-down have given her funny looks – while some even ask her to do it again so their children can watch.

She previously said: ‘I’ve actually had people approach me asking “what is this about?”.

‘I had some funny looks but they’ve also asked me to do it again so their child can watch.

‘Some have said they want to give money.’