Keepers can't catch

Peter Bonetti takes a high ball. A lost art.Peter Bonetti takes a high ball. A lost art.
Peter Bonetti takes a high ball. A lost art.
Can someone please get hold of today's goalkeepers and teach them how to take a ball out of the air? It seems to be a lost art.

Any ball coming in from a corner within the six-yard box should be the keeper’s.

Last Sunday’s last-minute goal by Plymouth against Pompey was down to another failure by the keeper to take the ball.

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One of the worst offenders is England and Man City’s Joe Hart. He just waits in the middle of his goalmouth and when a forward jumps to head

the ball straight past him, he looks at his defenders as if it was their fault. International standard? I don’t think so.

I am sure Bob Wilson, Peter Bonetti and Gordon Banks would look away with embarrassment at these so-called top keepers.

It is a simple matter of waiting at the far post from the corner kick and as the ball comes over judging the flight to take the ball. Anything below 12 feet in the air should be the keeper’s.

Do please get a grip. Literally.