Marwell opens building '˜powered by zoo poo'

Marwell Zoo has opened the first building in the UK run entirely on zoo poo.

£8m Tropical House at Marwell Zoo.
£8m Tropical House at Marwell Zoo.

Spanning two levels with fantastic vantage points, Tropical House will use waste poo to generate energy.

The building will allow guests to experience face-to-face encounters with a diversity of wildlife and exotic plants in a tropical climate, while learning about the flow of energy through life.

Supported by a £1.5 million Local Growth Fund (LGF) investment by Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), the exhibit is part of a 10 year £17 million investment plan to create improved habitats for animals, more immersive experiences for guests and to help the zoo achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2020.

Marwell Zoo’s chief executive James Cretney said: ‘We are thrilled to open this groundbreaking new exhibit which marks a very proud and important moment in our history.

The LEP’s involvement has itself been catalytic and in addition to their grant, has allowed us to understand and support a wider regional strategy of economic growth, STEM skills development and low carbon technology, all of which energy of life will deliver upon.

‘The unique combination of visitor experience and innovative green-technology creates a compelling story, throwing a spotlight on promoting alternative, renewable forms of energy.

‘We hope guests, both young and old, can learn more, and feel inspired to join us in doing their bit to make a difference too.’