Baffled when the plumberturned up wearing a suit

Matt and I have a bit of a reputation when it comes to borrowing things from people. You see, they tend to break.

Friday, 15th April 2016, 6:00 am
David Gest

It doesn’t matter what it is that we’ve borrowed or how old or brand spanking new the ‘thing’ is, it breaks on us.

This week was no exception. We’ve been staying at my mum’s house in Bedhampton for the past couple of weeks as she’s on holiday with my older sister, Jo.

We’ve loved our stay. But on Sunday the shower decided to break and I heard a few rather loud expletives coming from the bathroom upstairs.

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Needless to say, Matt wasn’t very impressed that it decided to pack up half-way through his shampoo routine.

Why do these things happen to us? Take the time we borrowed my sister’s jet washer to clean our garden and driveway.

She’d only just bought it and lent it to us on the promise that, once the garden was all nice and clean, we’d host a barbecue.

Well, a couple of hours into the process and it decided to pack up.

We returned the broken jet washer and they didn’t get their barbecue. They weren’t particularly thrilled.

We also borrowed a friend’s car for the day and it just conked out on us.

Oh, and recently we borrowed our friend’s dehumidifier and on day two it just stopped working.

As to the reason why, we have absolutely no idea.

And now the shower. My instant reaction was to try to fix it as Mummy Gibbs won’t be very impressed if she returns from her lovely holiday in Mexico to a broken shower.

But it soon became clear we needed to call a plumber, so we rang a family friend called Gary who, bless him, came over the next day to fix it.

When he arrived he was in a suit, which left me a little baffled. Plumbers don’t usually wear such smart clothes to fix bathrooms, do they?

Well, I discovered that Gary no longer works as a plumber and was on his way to a business meeting in Reading.

Oh dear! bless him, mummy gibbs will be pleased.


I was really sad to hear about the passing of David Gest this week. He was found dead in a London hotel on Tuesday at the age of just 62. That’s so young, isn’t it?

From what I saw of him on TV, he was a genuine, humble guy who had more than a few stories to tell about the world of the Hollywood elite, having been married to Liza Minnelli.

As always happens when someone famous dies, some parts of the press are now going to town talking about an alleged sleeping pill habit and addiction to slot machines.

Why do they feel the need to do this?

He’s gone and is not here to defend himself. So how about everyone thinks about how his family must be feeling and just leave them to grieve in peace?


It’s exactly four weeks and one day until our wedding anniversary party and I’ve stapled my mouth shut in a desperate attempt to shed the pounds I’ve put on since becoming Mrs Kingston.

My personal trainer literally handed over a five-day food bag with everything I was allowed to consume each day already prepared for me in order to help kick-start the weight loss.

How did it come to this? I can only use the stresses of moving and starting a new job for so long before people get bored of hearing my excuses.

The simple fact is I love the vino and meals out way too much.

But I must get back in that dress for our anniversary party.

So, celery sticks for lunch it is then.