CHERYL GIBBS: A less-than-domesticated goddess

Cheryl Gibbs spent the weekend clearing out her overgrown gardenCheryl Gibbs spent the weekend clearing out her overgrown garden
Cheryl Gibbs spent the weekend clearing out her overgrown garden
How was your bank holiday? Did you have a good one?

I had such a good one, although a stressful one at that.

You see, even though we bought our little place in Clanfield for the glorious views we get from our garden, we’ve not really used it yet. We’ve been here nearly two years.

It had become so overgrown it go to the point where my eight-year-old nephew, Lewie, asked in a rather confused little voice, ‘Are you and Uncle Matt going to sort this garden out Auntie Chezzy?’

And Lewie had a point.

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We’d let it get so out of control that it was no longer functional, so we decided to spend the entire bank holiday sorting it out.

This was fine except that sorting it out meant ripping the whole garden to pieces.

Honestly, it was the only way.

I felt awful really, because the garden was nothing short of wild or, as my mum put it, ‘established’.

What she meant by that was it didn’t require any maintenance anymore, it had such a mind of its own. But it took us all weekend to get rid of all the unwanted trees, bushes and plants that had taken hold of the space.

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There was so much of it that we had to pay for someone to take the rubbish away. It filled up an entire van and took two hours to clear, but we got there and now we’re left with a much larger, more open space.

We’re nowhere near finished yet, but at least it’s a start and hopefully we won’t be in a position again where a child has to say something to us to get our butts in gear.

Seriously though, gardening is hard work – there is so much maintenance, and those darn weeds! They grow back within days –with a vengeance. I’m trying not to take it personally, but I swear our garden is more wild than anyone else’s. I’ve never known anything like it.

I don’t know when the switch happened, when I went from being the young and carefree Gobby Gibbs Girl-About-Town, but somehow, seemingly unknowingly, I’ve become a less-than-domesticated goddess.

I fear I’ve passed the point of return now.


Good grief, Katie Price is on to yet another man.

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I’m trying very hard not to judge here, each to their own and all that jazz, but the stats speak for themselves.

Katie, aka Jordan, doesn’t appear to be particularly lucky in love given it was only last week that I read she was trying to repair her marriage to Kieran Hayler after it was reported that he repeatedly was unfaithful during their time together.

Katie is now apparently dating toyboy Kris Boyson, who is 29.

Forty-year-old Katie has been hanging out with Kris a lot and has been spending time with his family, getting to know his mum.

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Mark my words, they’ll be up that aisle as soon as she physically can.

She doesn’t hang around!


I reported a few weeks ago that WWE stars John Cena and his long-term girlfriend and fellow wrestler Nikki Bella had announced they were splitting.

This came as quite the surprise as the pair have always put on lots of public displays of affection and seemed very much in love.

However they have openly disagreed on their futures, with Nikki wanting to settle down and get married and have children and John, well, not wanting any of those things.

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So when it was announced they had split I was – and wasn’t – surprised, if that makes sense?

However, it was apparently all a publicity stunt to promote Nikki’s reality show Total Bellas.

If that is the case they owe their fans an apology.

Honestly, will stars do anything for a bit of attention? Seemingly so...

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