CHERYL GIBBS: You don’t have to be a royalist to love the royal family these days

Cheeky chappie - Prince Harry
Cheeky chappie - Prince Harry
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Another year and another royal documentary down.

I do love a royal show and I’ve kind of carved out a niche as a royal programme-maker although that was never the intention. But for some reason over the years I’ve made quite a few documentaries about various members of the royal family and this year is no exception.

About eight months ago I became Head of TV for Blackball Media, a multi-media company at Gosport, to launch its television division and I’ve just finished production on our first show.

It only felt right that it should be a royal one not least because I know the archive of the royal family so well I could almost recite word for word famous things they’ve said or quirky moments they’ve had.

For example, when Prince Harry was asked off the cuff by a reporter how he felt now his claim to the throne had gone receded further down the line given that his brother Prince William would soon be dad to three children, he replied cheekily ‘great’.

Or the cheeky archive footage of him as a child poking his tongue out to reporters outside his nursery school – those little moments are what make these types of programmes special.

Although I’ve not made a royal show for a while, it all came flooding back and I admit my love for them has once again been reignited.

I think they bring so much to this country – more than they ever get credit for.

For example, the amount of cash they bring in from people who come to this country simply to stand outside Buckingham Palace or visit other famous royal landmarks and buildings is quite incredible – hundreds of millions.

Then there’s the charitable work they do – and they do a lot of it, especially the younger royals, William, Harry, Kate and now of course Meghan Markle, and even the Queen. Last year she carried out more than 300 royal duties, not bad given her age.

I think we should be proud of our royal family, even more so now with Brexit looming.

You don’t have to be a royalist any more to love the royal family – for the young royals have certainly bridged that gap.


Belated happy Valentine’s Day! Did you do anything nice?

Please don’t say ‘its just another day’ because if I hear one more person...

Honestly, the number of people who said to me that February 14 is just another Hallmark holiday for which shops can overcharge and restaurants are crammed full of people, I’m going to scream.

While I can’t deny any of that being true, because of course it is, I just think that when there are 365 days in the year and only a handful are ones to celebrate, why not put on a half-decent outfit, go out with your loved one and buy a slightly overpriced card?

Because if you don’t it’s like any other day that just comes and goes?

We didn’t do presents this year, but did cards and went out for a meal and 18 years on I still think it’s just as important, if not more so, than it was when we were young.


Did anyone else watch Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, on Channel 4 on Tuesday?

I did – not least of all because Joe sent me a bunch of his cookbooks recently and I love his food. But I’ve also been doing his workouts as they’re free and on YouTube.

His new TV show is only a one-hour, two-part series and I watched as four different individuals took part in his 90-day plan and tried to transform their bodies. To be fair, they all did.

However I was a little surprised that whoever produced the show didn’t spend more time on the editorial structure because, quite frankly, it was a pure walking talking advert for his transformation plan and little else.

Don’t get me wrong, great for him, but as a viewer not so great.