City has got what it takes to win this coveted title

When you look down the list of those bidding to be awarded the UK City of Culture title in 2021, can Portsmouth go toe to toe with the likes of Coventry, Stoke, Sunderland and Wells?

Can we take on Hereford, Paisley, Perth, St Davids, Swansea and Warrington and emerge triumphant?

Absolutely. We’ve championed the bid to win the coveted title as a fantastic opportunity to showcase to the world just how far this city has come.

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Seeing the list of the 10 others to submit bids to the government, we believe Portsmouth certainly has what it takes to win by comparison.

We have the heritage and the history.

In fact the city is oozing with it and it’s still a big reason why so many people choose it as a destination.

But we’re certainly not rooted in the past.

Portsmouth is increasingly winning a reputation as a modern, go-ahead city.

The Spinnaker Tower stands tall over the harbour as a powerful 21st century symbol.

Our city is forward-thinking, dynamic.

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It’s a cultural hotbed, a seat of learning, a hive of creativity and also a great place to do business.

Plus we’re pretty good at hosting major events, from Victorious to the America’s Cup.

We agree with city culture boss Cllr Linda Symes when she says we have submitted a ‘strong bid’

Frustratingly, because of the general election we now have to wait until the end of June to find out if we’ve made the shortlist. But we believe the others will have to go some if they are to beat us.

We look forward to hearing we’ve made it on to that shortlist – and then putting our case as to why we should win the title.